IPBIS Newsletter January 2020


IPBIS Newsletter January 2020! "What would You like to read about in the coming newsletter? Or what would You like to submit to a newsletter? Very welcome to reach out to us on hello@ipbis.org"

IPBIS was started in 2009 by Dr Jane Gillett.  It was her drive and passion that took an idea generated during a conversation at a conference and turned it into a reality.  Jane always had a strong commitment to developing and improving services for children and youth with acquired brain injury (ABI).  Her fantastic networking skills gathered together key people working in the field of ABI. She inspired international cooperation and by doing so IPBIS was born.  Here is a picture from the weekend where the IPBIS board started to formalise her intentions, at her family’s summer house on a Canadian lake. From the left: Erich Hermans, The Netherlands; Jane’s father, Jack Gillett; Enrico Castelli, Italy; Jane’s mother, Ruth Gillett; Carol Hawley, UK; Catherine Aaro Jonsson, Sweden; Beth Wicks, UK; Audrey McKinlay, New Zealand; Ron Savage, US; Ingela Kristansen, Sweden; Jane Gillett, Canada and Roberta De Pompei, US.  The three other board members: Vicki Anderson, Australia, Lucia Braga, Brazil and Alison Madden, South Africa are missing from the picture.
The atmosphere of personal connection was taken further to conferences, where we usually hold an open meeting where people interested in ABI gather from around the world.  At these meetings the following questions are usually discussed: what do people find important around children with ABI? What is going on internationally? What should IPBIS focus on? What could IPBIS facilitate?
Over the years IPBIS has developed and grown.  For several years IPBIS has been affiliated with the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA).  Thanks to this affiliation, IPBIS always contributes to IBIA conferences in the form of a plenary speaker, symposium and workshops.

In 2020, IPBIS is increasingly active.  Several projects have been inspired following discussions at open meetings with members. This Newsletter is one of them. It will be published three times a year on the IPBIS.org website and the editors do welcome your input for coming content.

Other initiatives are:
1) The IPBIS Toolbox which has recently been updated. 27 new submissions have been included and we are planning a more user-friendly web-based toolbox. See https://ipbis.org/toolboxupdate2019.html
2) IPBIS is working towards collaboration with the World Health Organization and the United Nations, placing children and youth with ABI on the agenda, facilitating collaboration between WHO and paediatric ABI experts around the world.  
3) Initiatives for an updated Wikipedia page on paediatric ABI are underway and IPBIS is also working to strengthen its presence on social media.

During the years the board has grown and Peter de Koning, The Netherlands; Mark Linden, Northern Ireland; and Peter Rumney, Canada, joined the board.  In 2019, Mathilde Chevignard, France; Linda Ewing-Cobbs, US; Andreas Meyer-Heim, Switzerland; and Nick Reed, Canada, accepted the invitation to join the board.  Accordingly, over the next few years the original board members will be stepping down.  Margaret Roberts and Chas Haynes provide important administrative support to IPBIS and play a significant role in the organisation of our conferences.  So far IPBIS has held three successful international conferences:  The first in Liverpool, UK; the second in Rome, Italy; and the third in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
IPBIS is now looking forward to the Fourth International Conference in New York, from 26th to 29th August 2020.  See the website which is being regularly updated: http://ipbis2020.org/  The abstract submission site is now open.  You are very welcome to join us in New York!  We are busy organising the conference programme for this, the first IPBIS conference to be held in the United States.  At the same time, we are planning for a fifth international conference in New Zealand in 2022.

What would You like to read about in the coming newsletter? Or what would you like to submit to a newsletter? You are very welcome to reach out to us on hello@ipbis.org

We also invite you to join us as members (members receive discounted registration to our conferences and at IBIA conferences). You can now join from as little as $75:  https://ibia.eventsair.com/MemberPortal/nabisibia-membership/membership

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